Welcome to The Phoenix!

Welcome to the New Phoenix! March 2017

Like an actual phoenix, the NSG Phoenix rises from the ashes. We will be updating on the regular with new features across the website and new contributors all-round. January has been a cold month, as always, but after (for many) a disappointing 2016, 2017 has many surprises in store. Outside of The Phoenix, take a look back at features from BBC News on the seemingly rising number of reported celebrity deaths, why we might be seeing this as the new norm, and the 2017 Death List– a guesslist of potential deaths over the new year. Last year it got 12/50 of the guesses right- how would you decide who goes into the list? Leave your answer in the comments below.

2017 will also be the first year of what was once considered impossible- a Trump presidency. Trump has been an incredibly controversial figure known for his vitriol and divisive statements, and his rebellion against the Republican elites. Following on from Obama, many see Trump’s presidency as being the herald of a darker age of humanity. Learn more about what Plato tells us about Trump, Donald Trump’s economic policy, and the uncomfortable ties of some of his Trump Team to extremist groups from the Southern Poverty Law Centre, an American charity fighting for the rights of the people. And in European news- in our first year of Brexit- BBC News asks whether Catalonia might break away from Spain, following Scotland’s 2014 Indyref.

We hope you all have a great February and enjoy a warm start to Spring, and hopefully we will see the weather getting warmer sooner rather than later. Take a few early peeks at the sunglasses and swimsuit releases coming early this year.

-Clarice Adams, Editor of The Phoenix

Welcome to February at The Phoenix!

Hope you’re having a good day and aren’t too cold! So February brings quite a few exciting dates, with Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day on the 9th, half-term on the 12th and Valentines day on the 14th there are lots of things to keep you busy, (mainly eating chocolate or chocolate covered pancakes for me) but hopefully you’ll be able to spare a few minutes to have a read of some of our brilliant articles this month!

If you’re an aspiring politician or just interested in what’s going on in Westminster, you may have been a bit stumped by some language you’ve been hearing on the news or in our ‘Politics Monthly’ and now you can find out about the basis of politics in ‘Intro To Politics’! In this cold weather you might be wanting to curl up under a blanket with a good book and we have some great recommendations in our ‘Book Review’ section! Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, Young Adult or Classics there are some great books that you might like there!

From all at The Phoenix have a fantastic February!

– Emily Haddon


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and welcome back to NSG this January from the Phoenix!

Hello everyone! Hope you’re not too upset to be back at school this month but if you’re feeling the post-Christmas blues then we have a bunch of new articles that might take your attention away from your empty purses and bank accounts!

If you head over to ‘Fashion’ the article to find out about post-Christmas sales (fairy lights are a great way to decorate your room and they’re usually half-price or better around now!), ways to get student discounts and correct information about the maths and economics behind that! If you’re feeling down about cold, wet England take a trip to the ‘Globetrotters’ section and have a read about one of my favourite places, Greece! Or if you’re feeling a bit poor after splashing out on your friends this festive period a great way to get more money for yourself is getting a job, tips that will make this easy can be found under ‘Work Savvy’!

From everyone at The Phoenix we hope you’re having a great day and enjoy the magazine!

– Emily Haddon

Monthly Joke

What kind of sandals do frogs wear?

Open toad


Merry Christmas and welcome to the December edition of The Phoenix!

Welcome back to the Phoenix! Hopefully you enjoyed last month’s edition and we’re happy to say that each of the sections have been updated with new additions for the Christmas season, you can learn all about how to get seasonal jobs under the ‘Work Savvy’ or read an interview with Mrs Jones under ‘Interview With A Teacher’.

I’m also glad to say that we have some brand new sections too! If you go to ‘Fashion’ you’ll find an article on The Economics Behind The Fashion Industry and under ‘News’ is a ‘Monthly Science’ article, this month it tells the wonderful story about a baby that was cured of cancer with gene engineering technology.

From all at The Phoenix we hope that you enjoy this edition and have a wonderful holiday!

– Emily Haddon

Monthly Joke

What do you call a frog hanging from a ceiling?



Hello and welcome to the very first edition of The Phoenix!

It’s my pleasure to finally give you access to the new school magazine, unlike the newsletter, this is aimed at you; the students. Hopefully you’ll all be able to find something of interest, whether you’re in Year 7 and need some advice, or in the sixth form and want to learn some easy recipes perfect for university, there’ll be something for everyone! And of course if there isn’t, we’d love to hear from you, either through the survey you’ll be getting in your email or by contacting us directly at our email: thephoenix@nsg.northants.sch.uk

If you’ve already had a look around you’ll notice that in our ‘Reviews and Suggestions’ section there are two reviews for each, one from the 1910s and one current. This is because to celebrate the centenary of NSG every month’s ‘Reviews and Suggestions’ will concentrate on a different decade, this month is the 1910s, come back next month for the 1920s!

The magazine has been named ‘The Phoenix’ after the original school magazine of the same name, unfortunately while we have a name, we don’t have a logo! This is where you come in! We’d love if you’d get involved and send us a logo design, you can get all the details under ‘Competition’ and send your entries to us at: thephoenix@nsg.northants.sch.uk

The Phoenix has been set up by a wonderful, hard-working selection of sixth form students who have given their time and effort to participating in the making of this incredible first edition, you can find a list of their names under ‘Writers’.

Thank you very much and from all of us at The Phoenix, we hope you enjoy!

– Emily Haddon, Editor

Monthly Joke:

What happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down?
It gets toad away!


16 thoughts on “Welcome to The Phoenix!”

  1. This is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations for putting together such a great magazine! Miss Garner 🙂


  2. Well done to all of you. This is an amazing achievement: it looks really professional and is a very enjoyable read. Ms Campbell.


  3. Brilliant! Really easy to navigate and so interesting. Well done :)) A good addition might be a contact us tab. One that is not on view to the public so that for example I could ask you to post something. Sorry if you have done this and I’ve missed it. Thank you for this valuable addition to school community.


  4. To everyone who is involved with the Phoenix….I just want to let you know how utterly impressed I am with your magazine. I love the fact you have kept to the original name. As some of you may know I have been a teacher at NSG for a long time and I have seen magazines come and go. You magazine is without doubt the best that there has been for many years. It is professional and relevant and interesting. It is of a very high quality. Congratulations to you all and thank you for producing such a fabulous magazine for our school


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